Top 7 Beach Vacation Essentials

The Must-Haves for Your Next Vacation

When planning your beach vacation, there are some essentials you need to bring along to help you create the ultimate beach vacation. In the article, we will look at the five items to add to your beach packing list and why they're important.

1. Protect Yourself from UV Rays with Sunscreen

One of the most essential items to be on the packing list is sunscreen. As sunscreen is crucial in combating the harmful UV rays that damage and burn your skin, you must always apply the cream anytime you are exposed to the sun.

The ideal SPF level of sunscreen for use at the beach is SPF 30 or higher, according to The American Academy of Dermatology. If you are using SPF 50, this level can block up to 98% of the Harmful UV rays burning your skin. You can also get sunscreens that help bronze your skin while protecting it from the sun, so you can tan and be safe from the sun!

2. A Beach Towel for Use on the Beach

Even if you are going to a resort that offers you towels for use while enjoying your time on the beach, it is also important to add a beach towel or two to your beach vacation packing. It is not recommended to use your everyday towel as a beach towel as it may get covered in beach sand, making a not-so-pleasant experience if you use it the next time you step out of the shower.

Beach towels have many other uses besides just using them to dry yourself after taking a dip in the seawater. Beach towels are used to lie down and relax while enjoying your time at the beach, and they also can be tied around your waist as a tunic to cover up.

3. Beach Bag and Cooler

The usage of a beach bag is pretty much self-explanatory. It helps you carry the beach essentials with you to your destination. It is a smart idea to have a dedicated beach bag to ensure the rest of the vacation essentials do not get covered in sand.

The other important bag to bring to the beach is a cooler bag. It is essential to keep any drinks or food that you bring cool and keep any perishable food fresh. Keeping hydrated at the beach is highly recommended, as you don't want to suffer heat stroke while enjoying your vacation.

Another bag to bring along is a waterproof bag for any electronics you take to the beach. You can find a massive variety on Amazon, with examples like the Earth Pak Dry Bag.

4. Insect Repellant

Bug Spray or cream is a must for any tropical beach packing list. If you are visiting places like Florida, which is very humid, it is crucial to pack insect repellent as a way to make your time outside on the beach more pleasant.

5. Protect your Eyes with Sunglasses and Hats

Protect your face and eyes by using sunglasses and hats/caps at the beach. While at the beach, it is essential to have polarized sunglasses to help protect your eyes from the UV rays reflecting from the water. It is important if you spend time on a watercraft to wear sunglasses.

Wearing lightweight clothing that breathes easily keeps you cool and ensures you don't sweat heavily in these hot climates.

6. Stay Hydrated with Bottled Water

It is also important to keep hydrated while at the beach, so an insulated water bottle should be one of the beach vacation essentials. Keep hydrated while at the beach as you are in direct sunlight and a hot climate, so your body uses more water.

7. Entertainment While at the Beach

Even though luxuriating in the sun or swimming in the ocean is fun, it can get boring quickly. That is why people bring beach games, books, and even music with them while they are at the beach.

Beach badminton is a fun activity for people to play while at the beach. Having a football or soccer ball to toss and kick around can be entertaining. You can even bring toys like frisbees to toss to each other.

While lying on the beach, it may be nice to get in a light reading with a book or magazine or even use a kindle to read. It can be a nice way to pass the time while tanning.

Another essential is a portable speaker to listen to your music while enjoying the beach. But before you bring your music, make sure it is appropriate to play at the beach as some beaches don't allow music.