Your Guide to the Top Cell Phone Providers and Networks in 2024

Navigating the Best in Staying Connected

In today’s day and age, cell phones aren’t just a nice-to-have - they’re a must-have. We use our cell phones for everything from calling family and friends to uploading on social media to running businesses. With that in mind, it’s never been more important to choose the right cell phone and mobile network for your needs. A phone option like the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has many helpful features, and a network like Boost Infinite helps you stay connected. Let's take a look at them and more options for you.

Best Cell Phone Companies

Each cell phone provider has something slightly different to offer, whether that’s handsets with super-long battery lives or pixel-perfect cameras. To choose the right cell for you, first establish your budget and your priorities.


Famous for the iPhone, Apple is consistently one of the most popular cell phone providers on the market, innovating every year with not just the products themselves, but also its flagship iOS. iPhones are known for being aesthetically polished and easy to use.

Apple releases a new iPhone annually, with the announcement typically coming in September. If you wait until September for a new release, you can usually get the previous year’s model for a reduced rate.


Using the Android OS, Samsung is another one of the most popular cell phone providers currently on the market, with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra being one of its newest and most popular products. Samsung boasts a diverse offering of products with phones to fit different budgets. These models are known for having high-quality cameras, excellent displays and an extensive ecosystem.


As well as its myriad of other offerings, Google is known for producing high-quality cell phones, known as Pixel phones. While not as diverse as Samsung’s collection, Google cells are known for being easy to navigate and using AI to help users.


An iconic cell phone company (millennials will remember the famous Razr flip phone, which is still on the market!), Motorola produces phones that use the Android OS in both flip and regular formats. One of the best things about Motorola is that the cell phone producer offers cells to suit a range of budgets, so if you’re looking for a more affordable option, check out Motorola’s range.

Best Cell Phone Networks

When looking at the best mobile network for you, you need to consider nationwide coverage and price. For example, how’s the cell phone coverage in the areas you live in and travel to? Do you need unlimited data or unlimited minutes? Do you plan on choosing a plan that includes a cell phone or will you buy your cell separately?

To help make an informed decision, here’s a list of the best cell phone networks currently available.

Boost Infinite

Offering excellent nationwide coverage as well as a range of plans to suit various budgets, Boost Infinite makes cell phone coverage easy. For just $60 per month, Infinite Access for iPhone or Galaxy (depending on your phone of choice) delivers the latest model directly to your door annually and promises unlimited talk, text and data.

Boost Infinite combines three of America’s top 5G networks, making it easy to stay connected wherever you are.


T-Mobile is one of the USA’s best-known and most reliable network providers as well as the country’s largest 5G network. If data connectivity is your priority, T-Mobile is a great option. The provider’s latest iPhone offer also includes Apple TV+ free, courtesy of T-Mobile. Plus, with the provider’s good-value switch scheme, you can switch to T-Mobile and the network will pay off your current phone up to $800.


AT&T boasts plenty of offers to stay competitive against the other providers and is known for its great value-for-money bundles. One of AT&T’s current attractive offers is an iPhone 15 Plus for up to $700 off. Another is a Samsung Galaxy S24+ for free for eligible trade-ins.


Another well-known network provider, Verizon offers options that allow eligible shoppers to get the newest phones for free with trade-in agreements. Boasting plenty of online-only deals (which is why it’s always worth checking the website), Verizon has won plenty of network quality awards, so you can rest assured that you’ll always stay connected.

Consumer Cellular

Offering premium nationwide 5G coverage, Consumer Cellular is known for its award-winning customer support, so if talking to a real human about your issues is important to you, consider this popular network provider. The popular SmartFlex feature allows you to flex your data needs up and down at any time, so if your cell phone usage varies from month to month, this provider might be the best option for you.

Choosing the Best For You

With our list of the best cell phone providers, you’ll hopefully find a cell phone plan to meet your needs. Please note that deals mentioned in the text may change after this blog has been posted.

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