5 Eco-Friendly Cars to Know About in 2023

Drive in Style While Protecting the Environment

When it comes to the latest vehicles, each year they seem to become more and more environmentally friendly. As a car driver, you want what’s best for you and the environment. Considering getting a new car but don’t know what the latest and greatest in the game are? No worries, we've got a list of eco-friendly cars for you!

Whether they are hybrids, fully electric, or even gas cars, these five cars are the best in the game for our ecosystem. If you’re looking for a new vehicle that gets the job done but isn’t harsh on our earth, this is the list for you.

1: Toyota Prius Prime

The Prius Prime was listed as the most eco-friendly vehicle on the market in 2022, and nothing’s changed going into 2023. This hybrid car has a green score of 69, making it the ultimate vehicle to put on your list for green cars.

It’s a hybrid vehicle, running on a 40km battery as well as fuel in its 42L tank. Many reviewers rank this car as the most bang for your buck as an eco-friendly option. For more on that, see this review by US News. On top of it being incredibly eco-friendly and cost-effective, it also runs for 25 miles before needing another charge because of its large battery pack.

2: Mini Cooper SE EV

When talking about eco-friendly cars, the Mini Cooper electric car is an extremely affordable EV. Along with that, it has a green score of 67, putting it just below the Prius Prime. That's a pretty impressive score for just over $30,000.
This car is one of the most inexpensive ones to run and maintain, adding to its other benefits. One thing to note, however, is that some users have complained about its short driving range as well as its traction control is a downside. All in all, this is a solid choice for an EV.

3: Nissan LEAF EV

While some sources say that the LEAF is not a true competitor for the mainstream EVs we see on the market today, the little Nissan is cheap and a good option overall for an eco-friendly car. With its limited range in add-ons, it comes to around $29,000. The price is its main benefit, but there is plenty more to love about this one.

Much like the Mini, the Nissan LEAF has a green score of 67, making it one of the most eco-friendly cars on the market. However, one downside is that it isn’t compatible with some charging stations; that can be overlooked by its lovely and comfortable seats and easy-to-navigate size.

4: Kia Niro PH EV

Another great competitor and coming in with a green score of 65, the Kia Niro is the perfect family vehicle. If you’re looking for a decent-sized car that can fit the whole family, this may be the EV for you. The Kia Niro has a 40-mile electric range, much better than that of some hybrids or even other EVs on the market.

However, you can get the Niro in either full hybrid, fully electric, or plug-in hybrid. Coming in at just over $33,000, this is a great value for a great family car that’s built to last. In a review by Driving Electric, they say that the car can run closer to 30 miles before needing a touch-up, but that is still better than that of some of the others on our list and beyond. Regardless, this is a great choice for a hybrid or EV.

5: Hyundai Elantra Hybrid

Yet another great choice for eco-friendly cars is the Hyundai hybrid vehicle. This small sedan allows for an easy and comfy ride with its five seats and generally nice build. It has 139 horsepower and is priced at an easy and convenient $24,400.

In a review by Motor Trend, this model is noted to have a very spacious interior as well as impressive tech features. Overall, this car has excellent fuel economy and is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a hybrid vehicle. It's a bit lower on the green score at 63, but overall, it’s still a great choice for an affordable hybrid.

In Summary

When choosing a new vehicle, there are a lot of things you need to consider. And these days, it’s just getting more complicated with all different kinds of cars coming onto the market. Whether you’re an all-knowing source of information on EVs and hybrid cars, or this is the first bit of info you’ve gathered on the subject, we’re here to help.

Make sure that when you choose your next vehicle, you choose the right one for you and the environment. Taking the time to really consider these EVs and hybrid cars is the right way to come to a satisfying conclusion.