Top 7 Hairstyles for Women over 40

A Refreshingly New Hairstyle for the Aging Woman

With age comes wisdom, self-assurance, authenticity and confidence in who you are and how you feel about yourself. After all, “life begins after 40,” and it’s the perfect moment to embrace yourself and experiment with your look, so why not change up your hairstyle and give your locks and tresses a refresh Here are the most flattering hairstyles for women over 40.

Remember, there are no rules for how your hair should look - it’s up to you!

Curly Bob

A curly bob - rocked by the likes of Tracee Ellis Ross - is one of the best hairstyles for women with curly locks or afro hair. It’s the perfect hairstyle with plenty of volume that will have you looking and feeling good for any occasion.

To achieve this hairstyle, aim for a short-length bob or a bob that falls around chin length. Then, you need to ensure you use a deep conditioning treatment with a hair mask at least once a week to keep your curly bob highly moisturized and nourished.

Then, finish with a leave-in conditioner and a styling gel or mousse. Once your curly bob is ready, you can flex your curls wherever you go! You can even add bangs to your curly bob.

The Mid-length Lob

If you don’t want to have long hair but want to completely trim inches off your hair, go for the mid-length lob, a long bob or one of the shoulder-length hairstyles.

Opting for a mid-length lob is one of the most flattering haircuts for a woman over 40 because it’s easy to style and maintain, especially for a busy woman. Also, you can effortlessly change up the style and look of a lob by straightening it, adding waves or adding hair accessories such as an embellished hairband.

Traditional Bob

Channel your inner Anna Wintour with a traditional short bob that’s simple and classy. The bob is one of the most low-maintenance hairstyles that’s always trending and never goes out of fashion. Plus, it’s popular amongst celebrities and famous figures such as Jennifer Lopez and Hilary Clinton.

The traditional bob is pretty easy to take care of, which is ideal if you want a classic and elegant hairstyle that isn’t complex to maintain and style to perfection. For extra elegance and shine, finish styling your bob with a glossy serum for a sleek look.

Choppy Pixie

For a short hairstyle with a bit of definition and an edge, a choppy pixie cut is the best way to go! Made popular by Halle Berry, the choppy pixie cut is a timeless and classic hairstyle with a touch of glam.

To achieve that extra edge, use a styling gel and swish it all over your hair and give your choppy pixie cut a stronghold. And to really stand out, try dying your pixie cut for a fresh and renewed look.

Coily Fauxhawk

For another edgy look, the coily fauxhawk (an alternative to the mohawk) is one to try, especially if you have curly, coily or afro hair.

To achieve this, you’d need to cut or shave the sides and back of your hair and leave the hair on top with plenty of length. Add volume to the lengthy top of your coily-curled hair, and you have your fauxhawk! And for an extra edge, dye the lengthy part of this hairstyle to make it boldly stand out and create a two-tone look.

Wavy, Shoulder-length Locks

Textured shoulder-length locks are very flattering, low-maintenance hairstyles that are easy to achieve at home, so you can save time and money instead of taking a trip to the salon and paying high prices. To achieve this look, give your hair a blowout, apply a dry texture spray, then tousle the hair or use a hair tool to create a wavy definition.

The waves and textured effect can also be applied to longer and shorter hair.

Feathered Ends

If you have long, straight hair, why not add a little bit of definition? You can add a bit of definition to the ends of your hair by creating feathered ends. You can easily create feathered ends by softening the ends of your tresses and adding texture, helping you to achieve a boho-chic vibe.

Best Hair Shampoos and Conditioners to Achieve Each Look

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  • Aveda: Aveda's hair care products are some of its most popular offerings. The brand offers a wide range of products to keep your hair in top shape. Aveda's hair care products feature natural ingredients such as aloe vera, peppermint and rosemary, and are free from harsh chemicals like parabens and sulfates.