How to Reduce your Electricity Bill

Looking at Your Daily Routine For Ways to Use Less Energy

If you’re looking for ways to reduce your electricity bill, we’ve got some great tips and tricks to help you save money and energy as we navigate inflation, recessions, and cost-of-living crises. Whether you’re a private renter or a homeowner, saving money on your bills is a great thing to do, given the current financial climate. In addition to learning ways to lower your bills, you can also help reduce your carbon footprint and impact on the environment. After all, who doesn't love a win-win?

How Can You Reduce Your Electricity Bill?

So, how can you reduce your electricity bills? First, you’ll need to understand your energy bills and what they mean. Oftentimes, the information provided can be confusing, so taking the time to fully understand what they’re telling you is a fantastic way to learn more about how you use energy at home.

In terms of specific changes you can make at home to significantly reduce your electricity bills and save money, take a look at some of our key pointers:

Switch Off Appliances on Standby

Switching off appliances is a surprising but necessary point for reducing your electricity bill. You can save dozens of dollars a year by just remembering to switch off your appliances instead of leaving them on standby. Thankfully, we’re in 2023, and almost all major electrical appliances can be switched off at the mains without messing with their settings. Another option is to purchase a smart plug that allows you to switch off all of your appliances with one easy click.

Turn Off Lights in Rooms When You’re Not Using Them

Turning off lights may sound like an old wives' tale, but it’s true. Turning off the lights in rooms when you’re not using them makes a difference to your electricity bill. It may not save much in comparison to bigger energy drainers, but it’s a smart thing to do. Another foolproof way to lower your utility bills is to replace all of the lights in your home with energy-efficient light bulbs, which can help you save a little more money.

What Can You Do to Save Money on Your Energy Bills?

There are many ways to save money on your home bills, and we’re here to share some of the best things we’ve learned that can have a positive effect on your electricity and energy bills. Let’s take a look.

Draught-Proof All of Your Windows and Doors

There’s no doubt that older homes tend to feel a little draughty, and there’s a reason for that: poor insulation. It contributes negatively to your home’s energy usage as you’ll need to have the heating on longer and/or higher, and you lose energy through the gaps in the doors, windows, and floors. Draught-proofing is a finite way to solve this problem, and although there’s a significant cost, it’s well worth the investment for long-term energy savings.

Avoid the Clothes Dryer at All Costs

We’re pretty sure that by now, you’ll know to avoid the clothes dryer if you’re looking to save money on your electricity bills. Clothes dryers tend to be significant energy drainers in our homes, and in general, it’s best to avoid using them unless necessary. Instead, try to shift drying your clothes on heated racks inside or hang them outside when the warmer months come around.

Swap Baths for Showers

Okay, this can be a pretty hard one to change if you’re a particular fan of your evening bubble bath routine, but it’s a great way to lower your electricity bills. While it doesn’t have as large an impact on your bills as others energy-using things at home, it’s a worthy consideration. We’re not saying stop them entirely; opt for a shower more often. Also, reduce your time spent in the shower overall, as this is another factor to consider if you’d like to reduce your energy bills.

What Will Reduce Your Electricity Bill the Most?

The number one way to reduce your electricity bill is to monitor your home’s heating and cooling system. Our top tip? Get yourself a smart thermostat, as this is the easiest way to help you identify exactly how your home uses energy and where the largest energy drainers are. It will guide you in the next steps to optimizing your home’s energy consumption and will ultimately save you money on your bills each month.

Another worthy mention is purchasing a few electric heaters as they’re a more efficient way to heat your home without the need to turn on your central heating for as long throughout the day and night.

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