What Is The Best Travel Insurance?

Ensuring You're Covered on Every Trip You Take

The joys of traveling the globe and exploring other cultures, trying different cuisines, and interacting with people can be at the forefront of your mind when planning your travels. Still, you must remember to have traveling insurance for any emergency. So, what is the best travel insurance? We'll discuss this along with the importance of having travel insurance services.

Allianz Global Assistance

Allianz Global Assistance insurance policies are best suited for budget-focused international travelers. The company spans over 35 different countries and has over 40 million customers in the United States alone. The insurance plans that Allianz Global Assistance works the best for people who want to make multiple small trips throughout the year.

Why is Allianz Global Assistance the Best Travel Insurance?

When picking your travel insurance services, it is important to look at and understand what type of coverage you will get per policy. Allianz Global Assistance offers global assistance to all their policy takers, and the prices are very competitive for what you get.

Here are some reasons why Allianz Global Assistance is the best:

  • The insurance company offers coverage for Corvid-related expenses, including any tests you may need to take.
  • They offer cancellation coverage for work-related coverage; this is for when you fear that your work will affect your vacation plans. For example, if you can’t make the trip as there is too much going on at work.
  • The company offers convenient annual plans for travelers who make multiple trips annually.
    Some of the insurance policy plans offer concierge services.

The Benefits That Allianz Global Assistance Insurance Offers

The Insurance company offers up to six main benefits for the traveler who takes out a policy. The benefits include:

The Pricing of Allianz Global Assistance Insurance

The pricing of Allianz Global Assistance insurance policies varies depending on which package you choose. The company offers up to 10 different packages. Below is a breakdown of six packages, from single-trip plans to annual/multiple-trip plans.

The Single Trip Plans

Single-trip plans are best suited for individuals leaving their homes, going on a vacation, or just returning home from a trip.

If you are a 30-year-old from Texas going on a $1,500 vacation to Croatia, the prices for single-trip plans are:

  • OneTrip Premier at $113: This plan offers the best coverage for dream vacations and remote locations. Premier offers the most coverage, almost double the post-departure limits of the Prime policy. The plan even offers up to one million U.S. dollars for emergency medical transportation.
  • OneTrip Prime at $67: This is the most popular travel insurance package for family vacations, which includes cruises and tours. The Prime package offers everything that the Basic plan offers, just at a higher limit. It also covers children under 17 traveling with a parent and grandparent.
  • OneTrip Basic at $51: This policy is best suited for budget-friendly travelers and is the best travel insurance for domestic and international travel. Even though the plan is the cheapest, it offers trip cancellation, interruption, baggage loss, delay benefits, and medical emergencies.

The OneTrip Premier does offer the best coverage out of the three policies discussed. If you are alright about a lower level of protection, OneTrip Prime is considered the best policy for the price.

The Annual/Multi-Trip Plans

These policies are designed for people who travel for work or like to take multiple small trips throughout the year. The AllTrips plans offer comprehensive coverage all year long.

Let's look at an example of an annual Allianz travel insurance plan that starts in July 2020 for a 50-year-old from Illinois.

  • AllTrips Executive at $500: Best for a business traveler who needs a policy for work. The Executive plan costs more as it covers much higher trip cancellation coverage, emergency, and business equipment. The AllTrips Executive plan can also be increased depending on the client's needs and wants.
  • AllTrips Prime at $275: This policy is best for frequent domestic and international travelers. Similar to the executive policy, just at a cheaper rate. Both offer trip cancellation coverage, business equipment coverage, and medical emergency coverage.
  • AllTrips Basic at $135: Best for the economical traveler. This policy is suited for the traveler who likes medical emergency coverage but does need trip cancelation or interruption benefits.