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The Best Eco-Friendly Products to Use in 2023

It's About Time We Switched to a More Sustainable Lifestyle

Are you looking to get more sustainable in 2023? Have you been intrigued by the variety of eco-friendly products available on the market? Great! So have we, and we’re here to share with you what we've learned. Not only are green products super useful as they have been created to cover many parts of our lives – including food, beauty, and cleaning products – but they are also a great way to reduce our carbon footprint and live more sustainably.

What Makes a Product Eco-Friendly?

When products are described as “eco-friendly,” this usually means that they don’t harm the environment during the production process or post-consumption. Most of the time, sustainable products are made out of renewable materials, which use up a much smaller amount of energy to produce and are far easier to dispose of.

It’s also important to note that companies will use the terms ‘eco-friendly products’ and ‘sustainable products’ interchangeably, although they carry slightly different meanings. To be sure, check which of these terms applies to the product you’re looking to purchase.

What are the Best Eco-Friendly Products to Use?

When it comes to understanding the best eco-friendly products, it can be hard to know where to start. We’ve taken the time to carefully curate our list of the best environmentally friendly products, so you don’t have to. All you need to do is take a leisurely scroll through our list and pick which products would suit you and your home. Yep, you can thank us later.

1. Silicone Reusable Food Bag

Plastic food bags are such an unnecessary waste for food storage. Thankfully, silicone reusable food bags are everywhere these days – and they’re brilliant to use. They come in a range of sizes: from pocket-size bags ideal for snacks and smaller meals up to half-gallon sizes to fit larger pieces of meat or meal-prepped dishes.

2. Refillable Deodorant

One of the best things to come out of the sustainability movement is refillable deodorant. Long gone are the days are purchasing endless amounts of store-bought deodorant when you can buy one container and refill when you need it. It’s another excellent way to avoid unnecessary waste going into landfills, and guess what? They smell great, too!

3. Multi-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate & Glass Spray Bottle

When it comes to cleaning our homes, it can be tempting to pick up the cheapest products on the shelf, but we promise sustainable multi-purpose cleaners are where it’s at now. They come equipped with cleaning concentrates and a reusable glass spray bottle – it’s so easy you’ll forget you ever made the switch.

4. 100% Recycled Bath Tissue Paper

It’s been well documented that during toilet paper testing, recycled paper was one of the best performers among all of the eco-friendly brands. While it may not always feel like the three-ply you’re used to, we rate they’re getting better by the day and are well worth the change.

5. Beeswax Food Wraps

Another one for the food storage books, beeswax food wraps are a foolproof way to replace plastic wrap or cling film with a much more sustainable and green product in its place. Made from cotton, beeswax, and tree resin, beeswax food wraps are 100% food-safe and can be reused as often as you like. To clean them, rinse them with light soap and cold water in between uses.

6. Reusable Stainless Steel Straws

Ah, the not-so-humble straw. Thankfully, the days of single-use plastic straws are almost behind us as so many household brands have made the switch to more sustainable options such as bamboo or paper straws. However, these can still be frustrating, so reusable stainless steel straws are the go-to for individuals now. Plus, they come with an adorable cleaning brush to keep them clean.

7. Dishwasher Detergent Pods

We know, we know. So many of us don’t want to switch up our dishwasher detergent pods – especially when many eco-friendly detergents aren’t particularly good. Thankfully, these sustainable dishwasher detergent pods have taken the world by storm and are a welcome addition to our green products family. Cheers to a cleaner, greener future indeed.

8. Flip Straw Water Bottle

The TikTokers of the world will already know that flip straw water bottles are emotional support objects at this stage. Still, they also encourage us to drink more water – while helping the environment. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes to suit your style. No more single-use plastic bottles, thanks!

9. Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

This one is for the makeup wearers of the world. How bad do you feel every time you flush a makeup wipe down the toilet or a cotton pad in the bin, knowing it will take years to disintegrate? Us too! It is why we love these reusable makeup remover pads. They’re made from bamboo and can be tossed in the washer, ready to be used again after your next wash. What a win.

10. Smart Thermostat

Okay, it’s a little more complicated than most of the eco-friendly products on this list, but it’s a good one, we promise. There’s no denying that one of the best ways to monitor your home’s energy efficiency is to install and use a smart thermostat. They provide all the necessary information to measure how much energy you’re using up – and ultimately, how you can live more sustainably. The best part? It takes just 30 minutes to set up with a qualified electrician. Job done.

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