Are Home Security Systems Worth It?

Peace of Mind for Home Safety

With burglary rates remaining high, more and more of us are taking steps to protect our homes. In 2018 alone, there were 1,230,149 burglaries in America - meaning that one in every 269 people experienced a robbery in their homes in a year.

You’ve worked hard and saved over a long period to buy the valuables inside your home, and keeping them safe is understandably important. Your home also contains unique gifts and heirlooms that can never be replaced. For these reasons, home security is likely a priority for you.

Home security systems are designed to keep your things safe and alert you if they’re at risk.

Are you interested in learning more about home security systems before joining the 38% of Americans who’ve already invested? Below are the benefits.

What is a Home Security System?

A home security system is a group of items that work together to help keep a home from being robbed. These days, the equipment in a home security system uses smart technology - making them accessible from a mobile when you’re away from the house.

The two most common items used to bolster home security are security cameras and motion detectors.

A security camera can be set up to face entry points, such as the front door. Security camera systems stream live footage of your property to mobile devices and record video that can be watched back.

Motion sensors can be placed on external doors and windows. They detect movement, triggering an alarm system. The alarm alerts you of the disturbance in your home.

Most users invest in cheap home security - opting for either security cameras or motion detectors. To most effectively protect your property, build a smart home with both. Some home security systems owners also buy a panic button that can be placed inside the house.

How Do Home Security Systems Work?

The parts of a home security system connect through a single Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network.

Users download the app associated with their specific system, allowing them to have eyes on their property 24/7. Through the app, security-savvy homeowners can watch live footage and receive notifications if alarms are triggered.

Benefits of Home Security Systems

Alerting You

Having a security system installed at your property means that you’ll be alerted if a risk is identified. Through your network of smart cameras and alarms, you’ll be immediately informed if anything is out of the ordinary in or around your home.

The system's alarm also alerts those near the property, such as neighbors and passers-by - who can call the police and alert you if they have your number.

Deterring Robbers

Home security cameras act as a deterrent, discouraging burglars from attempting to break into your home and steal from you. In fact, CCTV cameras are the number one deterrent.

Placing external cameras in visible places, coupled with displaying signs stating their presence, will discourage robbers from choosing your home as their target.

While the existence of a home security system won’t deter every criminal, it’ll significantly reduce the risk of a robbery.

Providing You With Peace of Mind

Picture the scene. You’re on holiday in sunny Spain, with a cocktail in one hand and a magazine in the other. Suddenly an immense feeling of anxiety rushes over you. You wonder if the house is safe and secure.

With a home security system installed at your property, you can rest safe knowing you’ll be alerted if there’s anything wrong. Open your app, check your cameras, know all is well - and get back to enjoying that mojito.

We all deserve peace of mind - in or out of the home. An effective security system can provide that comfort.

Creating Evidence

While the presence of a home security system will deter most, some burglars may fancy their chances anyway. It may seem like your investment was wasted, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Monitored home security systems are useful tools when reflecting on a break-in. They record footage, which will become important when the police investigate the incident. While your system may not have prevented the robbery, it may reunite you with your belongings and bring criminals to justice.

Should I Invest in a Home Security System?

It’s natural to want to protect your home from intrusion and theft. Home security systems are effective at keeping your property safe - alerting you to risks, deterring robbers, providing you with peace of mind, and offering evidence in the pursuit of burglars.

Home security systems are inexpensive, with the most basic items retailing around $10. A more effective system can cost as little as $300, but the peace of mind you’ll enjoy is priceless.