Hybrid vs. Gas Car: What’s Better For You?

Is it Time to Switch to an Environmentally Friendly Option?

Getting a new car is a big deal, especially when it comes down to deciding which one is right for you. These days, on top of deciding what model you want and what brand to go with, you also have to choose between a hybrid or gas car.

It is no easy choice to make, and there are many factors one must consider when looking for a new car. That's why today, we’re making it easier by comparing the benefits and potential downsides of each choice. After a quick read-through, you’ll know what decision you need to make.

Gas Cars – The Pros and Cons

One of the more obvious benefits of purchasing a gas car is the upfront cost is always less expensive than that of a hybrid or electric car. While the price is lower upfront, it’s important to factor everything in for the overall price.

When it comes to gas prices, a gas car is by far more expensive than a hybrid, not to mention it’s also much less efficient. Also, hybrid cars require much less maintenance and are said to be up to 50% cheaper to maintain. It's important to consider that the high upfront price of a hybrid is to compensate for the other lower costs.

On the plus side, gas cars are easy to use, fuel, and are amazing at road trips or driving for any long distance. When considering the two different options, ask yourself what it is you prioritize; efficiency or convenience.

Hybrid Cars – The Pros and Cons

Speaking of hybrid cars, they are a bit on the pricier side, even if you go for a less customizable option. However, as mentioned earlier, they are more cost-effective long-term. It's important to consider that if you choose to go for a hybrid car, the high upfront price is essentially the sacrifice you make for cheaper repairs in the long run.

One thing we should definitely mention is how environmentally friendly these cars are to run. When it comes to hybrid cars, they emit fewer greenhouse gasses than gas cars. Another thing to consider is that they recharge as you drive, so you don’t need to constantly fuel up or plug in.

Let’s Talk Prices – Hybrid vs Gas Cars

Now that we have established some of the benefits of each type of car and what’s more expensive, let’s talk specifics. How expensive are hybrid cars as opposed to gas cars? And how much do they each cost to maintain?

First of all, a hybrid car is almost always guaranteed to be the pricier option up-front, with the average price being $25,000 to $30,000 for a simple car such as a Hyundai Elantra or a Toyota Prius. When it comes to SUVs or trucks, the price is even higher. Gas cars, on the other hand, are usually no more than $25,000 new.

When it comes to the price of running the car, driving a hybrid is much cheaper than constantly paying for gas with a gas car. On top of that, a hybrid requires much less maintenance, so unless it breaks down, it would be cheaper in this area as well.

Bottom Line – Which Do I Choose?

When it comes down to it, your choice depends on your life, financial situation, and personal preference. The benefits of a hybrid are that it’s cheaper to run and needs fewer repairs, as well as its effect on the environment.

When it comes to gas cars, they are the more convenient option on the surface level. They are more expensive to run and may need repairs more often, but they run well for long periods of time and are super easy to fill up.

Keep these factors in mind when you ask yourself which is right for you. Do you want a hybrid because it’s good for the environment or because they’re the latest trend? Do you want the convenience of a gas car regardless of its more costly needs? Ask yourself these questions, and soon you’ll have your answer.

In Summary

Overall, choosing which type of car is best for you can be difficult at best. It's hard to juggle your own needs on top of costs and the environmental needs of our planet. When making this decision, don’t hesitate to educate yourself and become familiar with the facts.

Hopefully, after reading this, you have more perspective on what type of vehicle would suit you. There are a lot of factors that may make one decide to choose gas over hybrid or vice versa, but regardless, it is always important to think carefully. When the time comes to make the big decision, all you can hope for is that you do what’s right for you (and your wallet).